Hutchcomb's Copse

Woodland Nature Conservation project


Hutchcomb’s Copse is a small ( 2 acre) parcel of ancient and semi-ancient native oak woodland (ASNW) on Cumnor Hill close to Oxford City. The site has been wooded continuously since before 1600. Some of the great oaks are over 150 years old. This vibrant and diverse habitat needs careful conservation to thrive. It will be sensitively managed to increase the biodiversity of it's trees, flora and fauna.



'Old' Hutchcomb's Copse is the original wood that gave it's name to the wider open area. It runs down from Hurst Rise road toward the Louie Memorial Fields and Cedar Road.




There are no public rights of way through the wood. These are animal trails !


From May onwards, the trails become overgrown with (mainly) nettles and cow parsley. We've marked a circular path that takes in the main features. A regular task is just to walk the path and keep it passable.


Attractive Oak Field Maple Open Forest Floor.


We are building a map of the woodland features and landmarks.


We organise volunteer work parties throughout the year, generally 1-2 per month.


New recruits welcome!